House Counting and siblings

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So if one looks to the 7th house for the first spouse and the ninth for the second ect, and the 5th for the first child the 7th for the second 9th for 3rd ect how would one go about counting specific siblings? It seems to me that you would have to look to the third house for the sibling who was born before the native, then the fifth, seventh, progressing by two houses for each older sibling; and working backward from the eleventh house for each younger brother of sister. ( for for native "C", who comes from a family with oldest brother A, older sister B, younger sister D, and youngest brother E 3rd=b, 5th=A , 11th= d 9th=E ) Or I suppose it could be vise-versa. Anyone have any insight into this house counting question?
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    Tue, February 1, 2005 - 11:51 PM
    I have got a Vedic source on this saying that it is common in India today to take the 11th as 'older siblings'. I think the rationale is that the natives first house would then be the 3rd from the 11th. This the siblings of the older siblings. Although I'm not sure if you are supposed to take this to mean that the 3rd is always younger siblings.... hmm. This Vedic book is called Light On Life, an intro. to the astrology of India. by H de Fouw and R Svoboda. It is pretty awesome, and it is really strange how similar Hellenistic and Vedic astrology are to each other. I'll write down the comparison sometime.

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